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8x10 Camera Lens

Nikon NIKKOR-W 240mm f5.6 Lens for 8x10 Camera Caps




Ansco 8x10 Wooden Camera,No back,No lens board.Bellows good.


Burke And James 8 X 10 Camera, Lens, Tripod With Geared Head - Complete Setup!!


Deardorff 8x10-Large-Format-Film-Camera w 4*5 Reducing back,lens and Base


9 sizes to choose Pinhole XL 2" Photography Camera large format 4x5 5x7 8x10


Darlot Paris Giant 8x10 Brass Petzval Portrait Lens


Intrepid 8X10 camera with Schneider 240mm F9 lens + holder (TESTED)


Schneider Symmar-S MC 360mm f/6.8 lens in Copal #3 for 8X10 cameras V79


Rodenstock Apo Ronar 480mm F9 lens for 8X10 11X14 camera in copal #3


Century Universal Folmer Schwing 8X10 camera + Kodak Commercial Ektar 12" lens


Ilex 12 inch f/9 Wide Field Process Paragon 8x10 Lens


Prosch Triplex Lens on Large Format 8x10 Unidentified Camera Excellent Condition


Gundlach Anastigmat Ser IV f6.3 Large Format 8x10 Lens, Betax No 4 Shutter 27907


Vintage 8 1/4" 210mm f4.5 Bausch & Lomb Lens for Large Format Camera 8x10 or 5x7


Nikon NIKKOR W 360mm f/6.5 Lens Copal 3 Shutter 8x10 Camera Large Format Toyo


VDS ultralight 8X10 MKIII field camera + Computar 305mm F9 lens + holder


Burke & James Flatbed 8X10 Camera with Fuji 250mm F6.7 Lens + Holder


Kodak Portrait lens 12" 305mm F4.5 in Ilex #5 shutter for 8X10


Schneider Symmar S MC 360mm F6.8 lens in Copal #3 shutter for 8X10 cameras


Nikon NIKKOR W 300mm f/5.6 Lens Copal 3 Shutter 8x10 Camera Large Format


Deardorff 8x10 Film View Camera With Front Swings, 10 film slides, 2 lens, case


Kodak Anastigmat 10in f4.5 Barrel Lens 4x5 8x10 w/ Cap


Fujifilm Fujinon W 300mm F/5.6 Copal 3 Lens - Mint with Box, Great 8x10 Lens!


American Optical Co. 8x10 Double Swing Camera w/ Prosch Triplex Brass Lens


Ilex Acuton 215 F4.8 lens (covers 8X10) in Ilex #3 shutter *coated*


Nikon Nikkor-M 450mm F9 Lens for 4x5 8x10 Camera


Schneider 150mm f/5.6 Super Symmar XL Aspheric MC 105° Lens for 8x10 Near Mint!


Kodak Portrait lens 16" 405mm F4.5 for 8X10 11X14 and more


Bausch Lomb Plastigmat 8 inch f6.8 for 8x10 and 5x7 large format photography